Exploring DC!

by bojanabozic

Over the summer, DC is filled with tourists from around the world. Everyone wants to see the capitol, explore the Smithsonian, and pay their respects at the war memorials. Over the weekends, I take advantage of free (most of the time) exhibits and events taking place around the city. So far I’ve been to the Museum of Natural History, American History, Air and Space and the Newseum!

Maddie Hall and I at the Air and Space Museum.

Maddie Hall and I at the Air and Space Museum.

The Newseum was especially moving. This museum was built in 2008 and it is very high tech. The Newseum shows the evolution of news reporting and its effect on war, terrorism, security, awareness and more. My favorite exhibit, and by far the most moving exhibit was the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery. All the winning photos are showcased with descriptions. This was the type of exhibit where you had to take break periodically because most of the pictures captured people’s sadness and suffering so well, that you feel you are right next to them. The Newseum has 6 floors. Other exhibits include the Berlin Wall, and FBI exhibit (showcasing how news in some cases helped agents solve a case, and in other events where it did not), a temporary John F. Kennedy Camelot photography exhibit and a showcase of the evolution of news since before America’s independence among others!

Maddie Hall and I on the Newseum's 6th floor balcony overlooking the capital!

Maddie Hall and I on the Newseum’s 6th floor balcony overlooking the capital!

Even though I feel that I’ve explored a lot of the city, there is still so much more I need to see–stay tuned for pictures from my upcoming sunset monuments boat tour!